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A Conversation with Dr. Harold L. McPheeters:
Founder of Human Service Education in the U.S.

(2008, 32 min. Produced/directed by John Heapes & Gale Largey)

During the 1960's and '70's, thousands of mentally ill patients were released from state hospitals into their communities in a movement known today as "de-institutionalization." At the time, Dr. Harold L. McPheeters, a practicing psychiatrist, recognized the need for trained and educated human service practitioners in these communities to help the released patients. Dr. McPheeters was instrumental in establishing educational programs for mental health workers/human service practitioners and became known as "the founder of human service education in the United States."

This documentary explores the life and ideas of Dr. McPheeters. He is interviewed by John R. Heapes, President of the Council for Standards in Human Service Education.




Council for Standards in Human Service Education

HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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