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A Century of Progress:
Presidential Reflections

(2005, 20 min. Written and directed by Gale Largey)

This 20-minute film begins with a brief overview of the founding of the American Sociological Society, ASA's pre-1959 name, acknowledging the organization's inclusion of applied, action-oriented social reformers as well as pure-theoretical-academic scholars. The film recognizes some of the prominent founding members including Noble Prize recipients Jane Addams and Emily Balch, along with Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a renowned leader of the women's rights movement.

The documentary continues with a review of each of the successive presidents of the Society. An image of each president is accompanied by a brief statement to reflect one of their core ideas or observations. For deceased presidents, the statements are based upon either their presidential address or an idea commonly associated with them. For example, the statement with Edward A. Ross (1914) reads, “Society is sewn together by inner conflicts”; Mirra Komarovsky (1973), is associated with “Challenge the ideology of domesticity”; and Erving Goffman (1982), is known for “Observe the drama of everyday life.”



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